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Andy Kang
Partner / Art Director

Andy is a visionary and as the Art Director, he brings ideas to the screen. From videography to animation, he’ll look for the simplest and most beautiful solution to creative challenges, ensuring not to lose sight of the big picture along the way.

After diving into video production, Andy is thinking about his next trip to Mexico, or enjoying the inspiring views of Stanley Park in Vancouver with his wife and their Scottish terrier.

Matthew Leung
Partner / Creative Director

Matthew is the Creative Director and the visionary behind the scenes. He works with clients to uncover the true motivation behind each project. Uncovering the “why” allows him to approach the project with a new perspective, ensuring that the team can provide the best creative solutions and brand strategies.

Behind the scenes, Matthew can be found spending time with his wife and daughter for an evening stroll along False Creek or taking a walk at the local parks.


Adam feels the creative energy when it comes to media, always looking for new ways to approach a project. His appreciation for music inspires him through the creative process, to take chances and create something new.

When he’s not creating, Adam likes to take in the world and learn about different cultures like dabbling in muay thai and jiu jitsu, or thinking about his next trip to Europe.

Lead Designer

Yna is our Lead Designer and Woods Wanderer, whose inspiration comes from exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Coast. She loves creating designs for local businesses and healthy, sustainable products.

When Yna isn’t at the office supplying us with local goodies, she is out biking through the city, exploring the beauty of the North Shore, or at home taking care of her two cats.


Rodrigo (aka Guigo) is the talent behind the animation bringing life and personality to the characters and the scene. His interest in music and design gives him inspiration and to start his day right.

After bringing pixels to life, Guigo enjoys life on his bike or at the beach listening to Roots Rock Reggae, eating chilaquiles, or enjoying a nice blend of coffee.

Anthony Chor
Project Manager

Anthony is our Project Manager and a second set of eyes and ears to ensure that the video fits the vision. He combs through the details and organizes communication between the client and the art team.

After a day of thorough checking and communication, you might find him exploring Vancouver’s views and culinary diversity, creating something crafty, or practicing yoga.

Graphic Designer

Katrina is a star designer who plays music and sips on hot chocolate to inspire her through the day. When it comes to design, she loves to play around with different lines, shapes and styles.

Aside from digital design, Katrina is out exploring the city and finding the best food spots, drinking bubble tea, or catching up on her favourite shows with her cat and dog.

Jason Zhou
Graphic Designer
Jason is a graphic designer with a mind for creativity, passionate in turning great ideas into reality. He loves creating fresh ideas, pushing boundaries with his belief that design has the power to rouse people.

As a dreamer, Jason prefers to explore the outdoors participating in mountain sports like snowboarding in the winter and cycling the rest of the year.  

Big Boss

Don’t let this little Scottish Terrier body fool you; she is definitely the big boss. Kira is our cheerleader, full of energy and support, and always has something to say.

When stepping out of the office, Kira enjoys brisk walks, meeting new people and exploring new territory. If you step out of line, she’ll let you know, but don’t worry; her bark is worse than her bite.


humans we collaborate with

Chris Lam
Videographer / Art Director

Chris is a videographer that has a passion for telling powerful stories that pull on emotional heartstrings. He is well-versed in all types of cameras and has a license to drone to capture stories and visuals that move people.

Behind the scenes, Chris is either spending time with his family and pet cat, escaping the city in the great outdoors, or exploring the wonderful world of IKEA.

Brian Cheung
Brian is an adventurer and cinematographer who loves to move. His focus is on capturing the essence of life through motion, creating the right dramatic lighting and finding the perfect tone, mood, colour and visual cadence of the scene.

When he’s not capturing movement, Brian is on the go. With hobbies like motorbiking, flying his drone and rapping, Brian prides himself on being authentic. In other words, Brian is the realest.


Rich is a hard-working creative illustrator with a passion for drawing. Having had a strong interest in many unique illustration and animation styles, he makes magic to recreate any scene in an illustrated world.

After a day of drawing, Rich enjoys the stories of action-packed movies and animation. At the end of the day, he is a family man and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, his three boys and their cat, sitting in the garden with a nice, cold beer.


Robin is the master cinematographer with all of the tools and the know-how to make live-action filmography magic. He is inspired by people who use photography and film as a tool to bring positive change and awareness to the world.

After putting down the camera, Robin can be found enjoying the ambience of a coffee shop or creating in his quiet, sunny apartment office.

Rav Lekh
Art Director
Michael Lee
Illustrator / Designer
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